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‘Tidal Freshwater Wetlands’ gives an overlooked ecosystem its due

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Tidal Freshwater Wetlands book cover

Tidal Freshwater Wetlands

There are certain obstacles you have to embrace if you are going to edit a book about tidal freshwater wetlands. They include: mud, mosquitoes and leeches. Smithsonian plant ecologist Dennis Whigham has accepted all three and then some.

Whigham, along with colleagues Aat Barendregt from Utrecht University and Andy Baldwin from the University of Maryland, has edited the new book Tidal Freshwater Wetlands. It’s a weighty work containing more than 20 chapters written by more than 40 authors. For the first time ever, they have systematically peeled back the layers of these overlooked coastal ecosystems. The book explores how these wetlands work, the animal and plant life they support, and the threats they face.
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